The growth of the Internet saw the introduction of live webcast auctions for our traditional auction sales. Through this innovation, we have been able to bring our auction services to a much wider audience than those able to attend in person. Not only is bidding on the web simple, it is also transparent, and bidders have control over when and how much they are bidding.
Open souk, Souk open, Souk central and Central souk extension of this idea - now that broadband technology is becoming more widespread, people who did not use the Internet at all five years ago now see it as an integral part of their daily lives. Because of this, the time is right for us to bring our auction sales to a new audience.
We have a wealth of experience and a range of professional people to fully cover all the disciplines involved in a varied and complex business, and you can be confident that Opensouk, Soukopen, Soukcentral and Centralsouk  is operated by a reputable company of Great Standing.

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Opensouk, Soukopen, Soukcentral and Centralsouk .com are a specialized online e-Marketplace that links buyers and sellers throughout the globe. The need of a separate B2B marketplace that is dedicated to Middle East business is the basis to our service. This sector requires much more quicker and efficient communication and matchmaking than logintext goods. Our B2B platform provides a chance to get the latest Stock, In and Out, a place where you will find ready buyers and sellers.

Our service enables buyers and suppliers to source information about each other on the basis of latest trade offers and requirements. For buyers we offer database of suppliers in 30 industry categories and more than 1000 product categories. Buyers can post buying leads and can Source upon latest selling lead or product catalogs and can also find suitable supplier in our Company Directory. For stock suppliers, we offer them a service to display products and company profile and can post latest sell offers they want to broadcast.

Our main objective is to help sellers to sell more of their goods by reaching more potential buyers in the Middle East. We help buyers to find reliable sellers who are selling goods that are in demand but buyers.

Therefore, regarding managing of the Middle East marketplace, our primary job is to enable proper exchange of information among members.

All Buyer services are provided free of charge in the Souk. Sellers are charged for getting access to Buyer posts and contact info.

We welcome you to Join Us and hope we may serve you better and help you grow your business.

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